Advisory Services


A core part of CHL business is to provide independent advisory and consultancy services to our clients, using our expertise without bias. This means that apart from benefiting from our in-house products and services, our clients can tap directly into the vast network of diversified experts or professionals within our platform. This additional service may suit most clients who just want an honest, independent review, assessment and/or analysis their projects, needs, ventures, business or financial programs. Our Advisory/Consultancy Services are available in the following areas;
  1. United States Export – Import Bank (EXIM BANK) Loans & Funding
  2. Business Valuations & Analysis
  3. Franchise Development
  4. Development & writing of Business Plans
  5. Project Feasibility Reports
  6. Financial & Business Advisory
To inquire or request for any of these services, kindly complete and return via e-mail our “ADVISORY/CONSULTANCY SERVICES FORM”

Download form here