Company Banking Information

Attachment Checklist

in orer to complete the application, Cadland must conduct due-diligence and verify applicant's legal standing and personal identity with associated business owners and/ or corporate officers. Please include the following documents to ensure a speedy response:
  • Copy of company's Certificate of Incorporation or similar document
  • Recent internally prepared Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Current Accounts Payable aging report
  • Last Corporate Tax Return
  • Evidence of Payroll Tax Return
  • Any relevant press releases, press coverage, or product literature that might help Cadland
  • Familiarize it with products and/ or services offered.
  • As required by law, a photocopy of the business Owner's or Corporate Driver's License, or similar version of official photo identification.
If you have any questions or need clarification on any part of this application, call Cadland Holding at 1-832-762-938. Please fax, email or send the following application along with check list items to:

Cadland Holding LLC,
6430 Richamonda,
Suite 300,
Houston, Texas,

I represent and warrant that the information on this Application to The Cadland Holding LLC is true and correct to the best of my knowledge information and no material information has been omitted. If a change occurs to materially affect my answers to the questions herein, I will so notify Cadland immediately. Unless this happens, Cadland may rely on this application as true and accurate as of the date below. Cadland and its designee(s) are authorized to check the Applicant’s credit (including my personal credit, or the personal credit of the principals and/or officers of the Applicant) and make all other inquiries that deemed necessary to verify the accuracy of the statements made on this form and to determine my creditworthiness. This application and any attachments remain the property of Cadland Holdings LLC.