Private Escrow Services

CHL offers Private Escrow Services for escrow of funds, instruments and valuables to individuals, business and organizations in secured, bonded or insured environments for short or extended period of time. Very often, in the murky domestic or international business world, transactions, business ventures, projects and collaborations fail or collapse due to trust, security, distance or even communication gaps created among and between participating parties. Our Escrow services helps to bridge this gap thereby allowing parties a level field to successfully partner, collaborate or deliver and complete the business or transactions.

To inquire or request for our escrow services, simply complete and submit our “Escrow Application Form” Via e-mail


A l l c o r r e s p o n d e n c e s t o : P. O . B o x 5 7 2 5 0 3 , H o u s t o n , Te x a s , 7 7 2 5 7 , U . S . A .