Financing or Funding solutions


We have numerous financial products and solutions that can address most clients needs. These products will serve clients interested in multi-million dollars down to hundreds of thousands of dollar deals There products and services are offered through a national and global network of private, institutional or multinational lenders/financial institutions. Amounts range from $250,000.00 to $1billion. Each need and request is given special and customized attention in the following products and services category.

1. Business Term Loans

Business Term Loans can be structured for 2 up to 5 years payback schedules. They can be used for working capital, fixed assets or equipment purchase and can be available through FDIC banks or private lending companies.

There products and services are offered through a national and global network of private, institutional or multinational lenders/financial institutions. Amounts range from $250,000.00 to $1billion

2. Commercial Real Estate Development Financing

This financial solution accommodates both domestic and international Real Estate Development projects through private investment capital sources. Clients can chose structures such as interest only periods, negotiable amortization schedules, debt/ equity options or even balloon payment terms.

3. Commercial Real Estate Financing

Finance or re-finance real estate for both investment and owner occupied properties such as; multi-family, retail, hotel, motel, warehouse, mixed-use, mobile home park, etc.

4. Corporate Mergers and Acquisition

The right funding mix of debt or equity for a larger company to acquire a smaller one. Funding available for  all industry.

5. Contract Funding

Funding can be custom tailored for 12 months and up to 10 years to accelerate contract revenues, provide working capital equipment. It is available for Service agreements, Warehouse agreement, Distribution agreements as well as for local, state and federal contracts.

6. Distressed Note Acquisition

This funding is available for acquisition or “take out” of discounted or defaulted Notes on properties.

7. Energy and Commodity Finance

Available to companies involved in oil and gas exploration, commodities such as electricity, natural gas or oil and natural gas leases, contracts, reserves or leases for key leverage assets.

8. Equipment Leasing

Most businesses lease equipment to conserve cash. Flexible terms for both end users and vendors in what is a $400 billion industry today.

9. Inventory Financing

Great for businesses who wants to free up cash tied in inventory or have high levels of inventory which ties up cash. Most products covered.

10. Equity Financing

This is funding of the selling of common or preferred stock in a company purchased by individual or institutional investors.

11. Franchise Financing

Franchise is a form of business ownership with specialized attributes. Thousands of Franchises exist based on products, services, locations, etc. Funding is available to buy new or existing franchises.

12. Large project financing

Funding is available for variety of large domestic and international projects up to $500 million or more through private investment companies, institutional financial and even multi-national lending agencies.

13. Joint Venture Capital

In Joint ventures, the parties enter into a venture or joint venture agreement to execute a particular project. The key to success is to bring the right lender or investor and amount to the other partner with right project and profitability. All industry and amount covered.

14. Medical Care Practice Financing

Financing for medical professionals such as physicians, surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, for medical practice acquisition, partner buy-out, working capital, equipment etc.

15. Receivables Financing

Through this financing, receivables are turned into cash to support working capital and cash flow needs. Medical or business account receivables can be funded depending on quality.

16. Merchant Cash Advance

Funding is available for businesses that accept credit cards for working capital against future credit and sales processing.

17. Mezzanine Financing

Mezzanine financing is essentially debt capital funds used to reposition or develop real estate projects, facilitate acquisitions, owner recapitalizations, buyouts, capital improvements, core or core-plus acquisition opportunities. Mezzanine loans/debt can be converted to equity.

18. Purchase Order Financing

Through purchase order financing, CHL offers business clients the opportunity to free up cash for business expenses or to fulfill large product orders.

19. Sale-Leaseback Financing

CHL uses this approach to unlock the equity a business has in its assets, such as equipment and machinery, and convert it into cash. This financing option is available for manufactures, producers and end-users of capital assets, equipment and machinery.

20. Mobilization Financing

For companies that need funds to move, for food, housing or large amounts of personnel and or equipment from one location to another mobilization financing is available. In general, this involves factoring and purchase order financing without specific goods acting as collateral.

21. Used Aircraft Financing

This specific program funds used and older aircrafts consisting of private and commercial planes, jets and helicopters

22. Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

This solution offers business owners unsecured lines of credit for startups or existing businesses for variety of purposes within 50 states in U.S.A.

23. Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing

This program offers individuals receiving or due to receive annuities or structured periodic settlement payment from lawsuits, insurance payments for extended period of time to cash out and obtain one lump sum payment to attend to numerous needs.