Financing or Funding solutions

We have numerous financial products and solutions that can address most clients needs.

These products will serve clients interested in multi-million dollars down to hundreds of thousands of dollar deals There products and services are offered through a national and global network of private, institutional or multinational lenders/financial institutions.

Amounts range from $250,000.00 to $1billion. Each need and request is given special and customized attention in the following products and services category

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Bank Instruments

Creative financing and years of professionals financial engineering have produced special financial instruments that can assist individuals

businesses, organizations and even governments to overcome conventional banking challenges and fund their projects, trade, businesses, or other strategic objectives.

At CHL, we work with these individuals and businesses to realize their objective by assisting them to design, structure and procure various instruments suitable for designated objectives.

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Advisory Services

In addition to “commitments” CHL is also a credible private procurers or providers of seasoned or freshly cut bank instruments for both institutional and individual clients.

In general, bank instruments are denominated debt instrument (papers) issued by large banks and institutions to named parties for specified terms.

These instruments may be used as funding collaterals or to enhance credit, “trade” or to enter into private placement programs. The instruments can be bought out right or leased. Examples of bank instruments are:

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Private Escrow Services

CHL offers services for escrow of funds, instruments and valuables to individuals, business and organizations in secured, bonded or insured environments for short or extended period of time.

Very often, in the murky domestic or international business world, transactions, business ventures, projects and collaborations fail or collapse due to trust, security, distance or even communication gaps created among and between participating parties.

Our Escrow services helps to bridge this gap thereby allowing parties a level field to successfully partner, collaborate or deliver and complete the business or transactions.

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Seminar and Training Services

Creative financial engineering and architecture have led to the development and application of numerous financial products and programs to solve age long financial problems otherwise ignored, by- passed or rejected by conventional financial institutions.

These instruments, program and solutions have simplified complex financial needs, and created a whole new regime of alternative funding solutions with worldwide applications.

Yet, these instrument, solutions and program appear either unknown or underutilized in new and emerging markets. CHL has a specialized unit that organizes, facilitates and delivers financial training and seminars for groups, organizations and institutions in new and emerging markets across the globe.

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